When Dr. McIntire preached, it was like
[the petals of a flower opening right before your eyes.]
You understood what the Bible was saying —
you loved what it was saying. — Rev. Robert Anderson

Carl McIntire

Defender of Faith and Freedom

The ‘other side’ of the Carl McIntire story, from those who knew him.

Who is the Reverend Dr. Carl McIntire?

Carl McIntire led the 20th Century Reformation movement in defense of the historic Christian faith and freedom. He was best known for

Who wrote Carl McIntire’s biography?

Gladys Titzck Rhoads attended Carl McIntire’s Collingswood churches the entire time he was pastor (65 years). Her first and second husbands were both lawyers who helped Dr. McIntire and who served and taught in the church.

Gladys wanted to provide personal first-hand accounts of his ministry, rather than leaving it to the hearsay or biased opinions of strangers or enemies.

When Gladys passed away in 2000, her daughter Nancy Titzck Anderson took the boxes of files, books and articles and finished the project. Nancy grew up attending the church and was able to contribute her own memories as well.

Where can I find McIntire’s sermons and books?

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